The Art of Customer Loyalty

How to Build a Loyal Customer Base

  • Loyalty Outcomes

    Create workable solutions based upon your ideal or perfect customer profile, customer input and with invaluable input from your team. Be your best friend!

  • Unique and Personalized Results

    Using the planners, journals and marketing materials provided, which is unlike any other customer loyalty course, you will bring the course to life in a way that is unique to your business. Be a destination business!

  • Creative Ideas for Immediate Results

    Learn how to discover what your customer wants, how to meet and to exceed those expectations. Be extraordinary!

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Welcome from Jennifer Petersen

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Introduction to Customer Service Best Practices

    2. Customer Loyalty Planner

    3. The Art of Customer Loyalty

    4. Step 1 Intro Customer Loyalty Service

    5. Apply: Customer Service Best Practices

    1. Customer Feedback Intro

    2. Customer Service Web Planner

    3. Customer Service Web Checklist

    4. Why Customer Feedback is Important

    5. Apply: Customer Feedback

    6. Customer Loyalty Ideas - Melanie Holsti

    7. Customer Loyalty Ideas - Melanie Holsti

    1. Customer Table Top Opportunities Intro

    2. Customer Contact Planner

    3. Customer Project Planner

    4. Table Top Conversations

    5. American Express Guest Check Presenter

    6. Tip Card Guest Check Insert

    7. Check Presenter Survey Card

    8. Apply: Table Top Plan of Action

    9. Investigate and Apply

    1. VIP Loyalty Rewards and VIP Birthday Club Intro

    2. 1-Birthday Club Planner

    3. 1-Birthday Club Startup

    4. VIP Birthday Club

    5. VIP Card Ideas

    6. 3-Birthday Club cards OPI

    7. Customer Contact Template - Ledger Size

    8. Loyalty with Melanie Holsti - Ironstone Cottage

    9. Loyalty with Melanie Holsti - Ironstone Cottage

    10. Investigate and Apply

    11. Apply: VIP Loyalty or VIP Birthday Club

    12. Apply: Create a Final Plan of Action

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